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November 8, 2019

In the palm of your hand lives an entire digitized universe: your social network, your communication, your work, your photos… the list goes on! If you fall into the generation between Gen X and Gen Z, you probably have a good grip on technology and how it fits into your world. If you’re a little older and fairly new to the tech realm, don’t let your age define your techy capabilities. Many seniors are jumping on the bandwagon with smartphones, navigation systems, and television streaming platforms, so let’s delve into Tech 101 for seniors. Since the dawn of the technological age, daily life has been forever changed. Paper records have become digital footprints, communication is significantly more virtual, and everything is more interconnected. It’s safe to say that regardless of your age, technology is making an impact in your life. 

With elders, technology can make life a lot easier—as soon as you learn how to use it. Here are a few ways that technology improves seniors’ quality of life: 

-  Medical purposes. Technology has made doctor’s appointments quicker and more efficient. Whether it’s scheduling your appointment online or checking your status through an online portal, it’s much more intuitive nowadays. 

-  Cognitive games. Trying to keep your mind sharp as a tac? There are plenty of online games and apps that work your brain to keep your memory and cognitive functioning sharp and speedy. At Our Quality of Life HomeCare, we walk you through these games and help you get set up with them. We’re huge proponents of working your brain and having fun while doing it! Studies show that keeping your mind sharp is a key factor in long, independent and enjoyable living. 

-  Fun games. At Our Quality of Life HomeCare, we prioritize having fun. Your experience should be hassle-free and all about YOU. You’ll be working with people who are excited to take care of you and have a good time while doing it. We provide fun games for your phones and computers so that you always have something to do in your downtime. 

-  Stay in touch. There’s no doubt that technology is the glue that keeps our busy digital world together. With texting, video calls, and audio calls, it’s much easier to stay in touch with relatives and friends. With technology readily available, seniors don’t have to fret about missing a grandchild’s dance rehearsal or a friend’s birthday bash – or anything in between! 

As times change, so do we. At Our Quality of Life HomeCare, we’re dedicated to keeping up with the changes (especially these exciting tech-related ones) so that we’re providing you with the best experience possible. When we work with seniors, we’re ready to jump in and help with every need, from working your Phone to setting up your meal plan. 

If you’re a senior who has been considering joining the technology movement, we encourage you to do so! There’s a world of options out there for you, and although it can be daunting, a little help goes a long way. Reach out to us, and we’re happy to walk you through the process. The first step is the easiest one. Grab that handy phone of yours, dial (416) 247-7154 and give us a call or Email us at

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