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Care Assessment

MerBess Care specializes in providing home care services of the highest quality to our clients and their families, at an affordable price, wherever they may be. Our staff are trained to care for you whether it be in your home (house or apartment), the hospital, a long-term care facility or retirement centre. We will always be by your side when it matters most!

Nurse going over care plan with a Senior womanat MerBess Care

Our Home Care Services

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Over the course of our lives, we have made our homes to be a safe space and tailored it exactly how we want it to look and feel. We have also set routines that feel familiar. However as we get older, we may find it hard to keep up with certain routines. At MerBess Care, our goal is to make sure you don’t have to struggle with day-to-day household chores or making your way around town. Our Caregivers have gone through the necessary training and education to provide each of our clients with precisely the care that is best for them. We provide our caregivers with ongoing education and training with support from our Nurses. Each caregiver is equipped to assist with:​

  • Planning and encouraging social activities

  • Medication reminders

  • Morning and evening routine assistance

  • Encouraging light exercise and active thinking

  • Friendly and supportive conversations

  • Assisting with light gardening and housekeeping

  • Schedule planning and light meal preparation 

Personal & Respite care

Personal & Respite Care

We often take for granted the things we do daily, such as making a cup of coffee, bathing, climbing the stairs or even getting in and out of bed. These things can become major challenges as we age. A common misconception is that the best and only solution is to put ourselves or our loved ones in a nursing home. At MerBess Care we think differently, our caregivers provide personal care with love, dignity and respect. Our goal is for the home be a place of comfort, not frustration. Each of our caregivers are certified nursing assistants (CNA) that have gone through the necessary training and education to provide each individual with the best care possible. Our CNA's receive ongoing education and training with support from our Nurses. Each CNA is equipped to assist with:​

  • Bathing and showering assistance

  • Transfer assistance

  • Personal hygiene assistance

  • Help with bathroom use

  • Assisting with dressing

  • Mealtime feeding assistance

  • Personal appearance care

  • Help for those coming home from the hospital.

  • Relief for family to have time to themselves.

asian-senior-elderly-disabled-man-patient-walking at MerBess Care
Overnight Services & Post Surgery
Asian woman wheelchair being comforted by caregiver at MerBess Care

Overnight Services &
Post Surgery Care

There is nothing like returning to the comfort of home after a stay at the hospital or other care facility. A discharge from the hospital can seem like a welcome end to an injury or illness, but the transition process can be daunting. We may find challenges with managing appointments, medications, and the routines of daily living such as grocery shopping and housework when all you want to do is rest and recuperate. That’s why we developed our MerBess Care program! At MerBess Care, we help seniors and adults with disabilities get home safely and prevent further hospitalizations with regular visits by our trained caregivers. So you can save your energy for recovery.  

  • Medication Reminder

  • Awake and Alert

  • Personal Care

Foot Care

Foot Care

All of our foot care nurses have received the necessary training and certifications to provide and exceed all your foot care needs.

Our nurses can assist you with:

  • Circulation: including light massage and foot baths

  • Skin Conditions: dryness, calluses, corns and warts

  • Grooming: including nail cleaning and trimming

Foot Massage
Errands & Incidental Transportation
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Errands & Incidental Transportation

  • Attending church services

  • Handling dry cleaning

  • Dining out

  • Arranging transportation to social outings

  • Arranging transportation to movies, events and theatre

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Arranging transportation to medical appointments.

  • Picking up prescriptions

Light Housekeeping / Meal planning

Light Housekeeping &
Meal Planning

  • Plan and prepare fresh light meals

  • Dusting, vacuuming and washing floors

  • Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms

  • Organizing cupboards and closets

  • Laundry

  • Decluttering


Scheduling Care Services

We can schedule our professional caregivers to help for as little as 3 hours per day, or as many as 24 hours. We do this because we understand that some of our clients need just 3 hour of service to stay comfortably in their homes.


We're here for you 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends. Call us for a complimentary in-home Care Assessment to discuss how we can best meet and exceed your needs! 

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